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Grafix Styles & Characters – special edition part 3 – 2020

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Graffiti artist Stefano Paggani aka Sub0 has been living, and painting in Berlin since 1990. He is an expert on mural arts ranging from all kinds of colorful typefaces and characters to inventive, huge wall paintings, mainly in Berlin – first graffiti: 1990 | last graffiti: last week.

Street-experienced, self- and academy-educated he started his artist-career as a breakdancer, biker, and came to rest upon graffiti. As such he has also created a number of art works on commission, painting shops, clubs, cars, printing shirts, and creating logos. The ouchgrafix project was founded in 2001 by Stefano. In 2007 he invented the cartoon characters THE EYEGS.

In the last years he had several exhibitions in Berlin showing his canvases and video performances of his street art and wall paintings, he has been giving workshops, having sales and taking part in festivals – find here a selection of these activities:

  • 2020 "Everything will be OK", Exhibition, Street Art Festival Mostar
  • 2019/2020 Graffiti workshops in collab with Ale Senso
  • 2019 Sale @Yard5 Festival Berlin
  • 2018 "Grafix, Styles & Characters – special edition 2018", Book release and exhibition, Apartment A, Berlin-Mariendorf
  • 2017 Street Art Festival Mostar
  • 2017 Graffiti tour guide @Naturfreundejugend Berlin »Diskurse an der Hauswand«
  • 2014 "Grafix, Styles & Characters", Book release and exhibition, Mad Flavor Gallery, Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • 2011 "OKEISSIMO", Gallery Lina, Milano
  • 2011 Live Art al Sinister Noise Club, Roma
  • 2010 "The Eyegs – Resurrection", Gallery urban ground
  • 2009 "The Eyegs are coming", Gallery Café Tristeza, Berlin
  • 2008 "papermade", Gallery urban ground
  • 2006 "Water & Movement", Gallery Ars Opi Fex, Berlin
  • 2005 Showcase of works, Gallery Ars Opi Fex, Berlin
  • 2004-2005 Open Street Gallery "Kunstrevale", Berlin - Revaler Strasse
  • 2003 "Pain(t) & Bikes", Gallery Teegarten, Berlin