Exterior Works

Wall painting, Berlin 2020

Wall painting, Berlin 2019

Garage front, Berlin 2019

In the backyard of a Berlin tenement, 2018.

Truck painting, 2018.

In memoriam of rapper and musician Demba Nabé, 2018.

Street Art Fextival Mostar 2017: Backyard in Tekija.

Truck painting, 2017.

Truck, 2016.

Joda on backside of same truck, 2016.

Commissioned work.

Sound studio wagon front, Berlin 2020.

Sound studio wagon back, Berlin 2020.

Cooperation with an artist friend: Super heroes in Berlin-Wedding, 2016.

Inn wall art, 2012.

Law firm, Berlin.

Havaianas shop, Berlin.

Interior works.

Canvas, Triptychon, 3 x 1mx1m, 2020